Hot forging

Due to our fully automated forging facilities and the use of robotic systems at BE | Aluschmiede’s site in Geisingen, we can time the work processes accurately, ensure the required output quantity, and manufacture very large quantities in a non-stop operation. We manufacture precision parts for small and medium-sized series at BE | Alutech’s site in Hungary. We guarantee our customers a high degree of flexibility and accustomed quality at both sites in equal measures.


For further information concerning the forging process please get in touch with:
Urs Fischbach

Hot forging

Right first time

BE | Aluschmiede’s engineers, together with our customers, ensure right from the design and developments stage, that the forging dies achieve an optimal service life and enable production in a cost-effective manner. The development stage also takes account of the requirements of the machine post-processing.


Hot pressing of aluminium alloys takes place on fixed presses. This creates a uniform material structure.

Strip widths:

Product weight: 5 grams up to 22,000 grams
Batch volume: 500 units up to 25,000 units